#JaneUnChained LIVE at an extraordinary, unprecedented event: The March Of Silence for the animals in Los Angeles! Hundreds of people gathered silently sending a message of peace as they poured over the steps of Los Angeles City Hall.  Several vegan celebrities like Toby Morse, the lead singer of the band H2O, and Tony Kanal of the band No Doubt, came out to march alongside activists. Popular filmmakers Kip Andersen, of “What the Health” and “Cowspiracy” and Shaun Monson, the filmmaker of the documentaries, “Earthlings,” “Unity,” and co-producer of the film “Dominion” were also there filming for upcoming projects. Popular social media personalities were also in attendance from Vegan Fat Kid, Jonny Juicer, and Madame Shugah.

All of these activists were there that evening to make a point that animals cannot speak for themselves. They cannot scream “help me” when trapped in a factory farm, a fur farm, or a laboratory! These compassionate people are remaining silent to send the world a message about the need for compassion for the voiceless! They feel what it’s like to be a helpless animal when they deprive themselves of their ability to speak! Watch and feel the pain with them as Paige Parsons Roache reports!


#JaneUnChained LIVE in downtown Los Angeles for the inaugural March of Silence, with hundreds of animal rights activists committed to bringing awareness for animals who are caged, farmed, abused, neglected, and eaten!

You may be wondering why these people are marching in silence through the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, so were many other people who saw them that day. About 1000 animal rights activists bound together in the streets to march in solidarity with all beings that have been unable to express their voices in objection to what happens to their bodies. The silence represents, their inability to talk, to say, “stop hurting me,” and “I don’t want to die!” All beings only want to live, love, and be loved and humans have deprived other species and their own of these rights!

For two miles these strong patient and ever so silent activists poured through the streets as people watched in awe of the massive display. It was such a spectacle to see, with hundreds upon hundreds of activists in all black with a pop of green-colored taped across their mouths, marched together to make their point. The amazing logo of the march this year was drawn by Lindsay Leigh, and she featured a calf wearing a barcode to symbolize that these animals are mere commodities in the industries that exploit them. The imagery is so powerful and it beckons people to think about animals as individuals and not products.



#JaneUnChained LIVE in downtown Los Angeles for the inaugural March of Silence, with hundreds of animal rights activists committed to bringing awareness for animals who are caged, farmed, abused, neglected, and eaten!


#JaneUnChained live in downtown Los Angeles at the March of Silence completion! Wow this amazing march concluded after almost two hours of marching in complete silence. An amazing amount of people showed up and came together to bring awareness to the pain animals experience every second of every day. Check out the amazing people hanging out after this amazingly powerful event.

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Paige Parsons Roache reports live for JaneUnChained.com.


Report edited by Ellen Dent.


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After the March of Silence,  Kip Andersen attended the weekly pig vigil held by Animal Alliance Network, a group that works with LA Animal Save as part of The Save Movement Organization. He filmed and gave water to thirsty pigs as they arrived at a slaughterhouse near Downtown Los Angeles. Here is the video of his speech containing an inspiration message to the activists filmed by Michelle Chalupa:



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Photo by Paige Parsons Roache reporting LIVE with her “JaneUnchained” hat on! Thank you so much Paige!!!