Special Edition of #LunchBreakLIVE today from the State of Maine featuring Winterberry Farm‘s fresh picked certified organic fruit and vegetables. Join Lisa Karlan to see her culinary interpretation of a Native Americans‘ Three Sisters meal created with this bounty of beautiful fresh food from this certified organic farm in Central Maine.
As Lisa explains, this was how the Native Americans used to eat, including the Navajo Indians. They ate squash, beans, and corn. These plants comprised of the tribe’s main crops traditionally. Planting crops like these helped many agrarian Native American tribes to thrive on plant-based diets. Lisa went ahead and skipped planting the crops herself and the wait by going to Trader Joe’s grocery store to buy the black beans and getting the rest from the Winterberry Farm, which is a great local organic farm.
The preparation is very simple and involves cooking all whole foods. Caramelized delicata squash, eggplant (optional), corn, and beans makes for a delicious fresh succotash inspired by an ancient dietary style that sustained generation after generation of Native American people.
A great tip from Lisa is to wash the beans, pick out the messed up ones,  soak the beans overnight for about 8 hours and wash away the soaking water. By doing this you get rid of the enzyme inhibiting carbohydrate coating that is responsible for flatulence (aka gas). Shhhhh! But that’s not all, Lisa also explains that roasting and crushing garlic cloves when you cook with them releases the garlic’s allicin, which is responsible for garlic’s medicinal properties, making it more beneficial for you. Wow what great tips!
Thank you for taping the show Dora, Lisa’s best friend, and for opening your “camp” to let us enjoy learning about making this vegan Three Sisters salad. Enjoy the Three Sisters salad,  gorgeous lakeside view of Clearwater Lake for us, Lisa!
Photos by Lisa Karlan:

Three sisters salad ready to enrich our bodies with nutrients, just like they had for ancient tribe members generation after the generation.


The breathtaking view of the Winterberry Farm. It is so unbelievably green with life. Look closely and you’ll spot a beautiful horse in the scenery too!


Inside the picturesque greenhouse at the certified organic Winterberry Farms in Maine!


Lush greens ready for harvesting at Winterberry Farms in Maine.


Harvest your own delicata squash at Winterberry farms. Farm to table has never been better!


Onions freshly picked and ready to add flavor to any meal.


The adorable exterior of the Winterberry Farm shop and café. It could not be more quaint.


Stop by the café and shop when you visit Winterberry Farm in Farmington Maine.


A family of ducks visiting during the warmer summer months in Maine.


The Winterberry Farm’s barn. It doesn’t get more authentic or classic than this!