#JaneUnChainedEUROPE at one of Europe’s top vegan restaurants! Kopps – Vegan Restaurant & Bar – Berlin/Mitte was voted one of the world’s 11 best vegetarian restaurants by CNN and ranked in Open Table’s Top 50 in 2015! We could go on! Watch That Snarky Vegan Girl taste test 3 appetizers: artichoke with herb caviar, a Kopps roll, and their world famous vegan cheese plate! Wow!


Everything served here looks like a piece of art. The food is literally “too pretty to eat.” The artichoke appetizer looks like it is blooming. The cheese plate which is normally a dessert item is also amazing looking with almond cheese and so much more!  Everything is absolutely gorgeous picturesque. Jane is in fine vegan dining bliss trying these appetizers! It looks so good, we wish were there. Save us a bite please!


Berlin is definitely showing us that it is a top vegan city in the world with incredible offerings like these amongst a multitude of others. Stay on the tour with us as we head to the next amazing vegan attraction in this amazing city embodying the global shift towards veganism!



Report Edited by Ellen Dent.



A blooming artichoke appetizer that is (almost) too pretty to eat!


The gorgeously vibrant cheese plate. Who says you can’t have dessert before dinner??


Thank you Kopps for demonstrating that the future of upscale vegan restaurants is possible and amazing! Cool mixed media sign! 


Is it food or is it art? You decide, while we eat it! Yum!


The presentation could not be more creative at this gourmet establishment!


Jane is hard at work filming the Jane Unchained Europe Tour for all of us to experience too… Thanks Jane!