At Au Lac DTLA with the organizers of March of Silence preparing for the upcoming silent march for animal liberation. Toby Morse, the lead singer of the punk rock band, H2O is helping to publicize this event, which will take place on Wed September 12th at 5 p.m. The walk will commence at Grand Park across the street from City Hall, in Downtown Los Angeles.


The Morse family is a vegan family and they have been since before Toby and his wife, Moon, met each other. Their son Max is 15 years old and he has never eaten a single bite of meat. He doesn’t know any other way but he does know that not eating meat is not morally sound. Instilling amazing values like this in children from a young age makes it easy for them to say the “will never consume meat, because animals are friends not food” just like Max!


Toby and his family also take part in animal rights activist events, and they have attended protests and other marches. They are supporting the March of Silence because they believe that animals have been denied a voice and it is important to raise awareness of animals that are suffering and dying at the hands of humanity. Toby says that it’s great that people get online and participate in activism on their social media, but he also encourages people should come out and take part in forms of activism in person. He says that it is different when you are there in person to take part in an event. Like Toby says it’s only one day, to come out and support the movement to liberate animals! Vegan for Peace everyone! Thanks for the support Toby!


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Lisa Karlan reporting for the JaneUnChained News Network at


Report edited by Ellen Dent.


Photos Courtesy of Chef Ito of Au Lac Restaurant in Downtown LA.


The lovely vegan Morse family Moon, Max, and Toby pose in silence for the animals! Thank you all so much for your support!!!


Toby and Moon’s 15 year old son, Max, doesn’t know any other way than not consuming animals for peace.

Toby poses with Jonny Juicer a popular vegan health advocate on Instagram (jonny_juicer). And don’t worry it’s not a gang sign… The hand gesture means “Vegan for Peace” and with that meaning are all joining that gang!


Cristine, Ellen, and Cesar posing next to March of Silence 2018 Billboard can be seen near Sunset Blvd and Gower St.


The official avatar of the march of silence featuring work from artist Lindsay Leigh Lewis. @lindsayleighart on Instagram


The Flyer for the March of Silence. Please come everyone! Flyer designed by Ellen Dent. Cow artwork by artist Lindsay Leigh Lewis