#JaneUnChained LIVE at the The Official Animal Rights March L.A. 2018 with: Liberation Los Angeles, Anonymous for the Voiceless, Progress For Science, Los Angeles Animal Save, Los Angeles For Animals, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Animal Alliance Network and many other groups. Thousands of activists are marching in cities around the world in a global uprising to bring awareness to the suffering caused by modern day animal agriculture and to urge kind people not to eat animals or their byproducts!

Activists from many different animal rights groups came together to march through the streets of Los Angeles, catching the attention of countless onlookers and raising awareness of animal cruelty in all practices. Practices from all areas of agriculture from the meat industries to dairy were highlighted on activist’s signs alongside related environmental issues and countless other cruel practices involving animals. It was a n extremely powerful sight to see so many people come together to raise their voices chanting truths to onlookers, and hopefully planting the seed of change in others for all victims of injustice in their minds. 

Wanna be at the next animal rights march?? Great! The March of Silence for Animal Liberation is on September 12th, 2018 at 5 p.m. in Grand Park located in Downtown Los Angeles. Please follow their Instagram page below and come march in solidarity and silence for the animals and people that never had a voice…

Instagram: @marchofsilence

Facebook: March of Silence 2018 Los Angeles


Please see more videos from the march below:



#JaneUnChained LIVE for The Official Animal Rights March L.A. 2018 in Los Angeles, California, part of a global uprising for animals with marches also happening in London, Sweden, Luxembourg, Washington DC, Miami, and other points across the globe. Here, activists march through the famous Original Fairfax Farmer’s Market where people consuming dead animals looked up and took in the demonstration!

It is important to note that although we were disrupting business at the Farmer’s Market this day, we are not against these businesses or the people dining at them. We are just asking for them to become aware of their choices and change their actions to end the suffering of others. Change is possible and we were marching to create that change. We hope that those who saw us this day and view these videos will join us on the right side of history and help save all sentient beings and our planet!

Reporting for #JNN, Jane-Velez Mitchell, Patrizia Mari Barretto Ilana Bollag Paige Parsons Roache #JaneUnChained

Report edited by Ellen Dent.

We invite any mentioned industries or companies mentioned to respond at any time. 

Photos courtesy of Chef Ito of Au Lac Restaurant in Downtown LA. @chefitophoto on Instagram.