#JaneUnChained LIVE at McDonald’s in Los Angeles, California for a protest on their treatment of chickens. Hundreds of animal rights activists gather for this massive coalition protesting against McDonald’s treatment of chickens in their supply chain. Representatives of The Humane League, Mercy For Animals, Compassion Over Killing, The National Animal Rights Day – North America, Compassion over cruelty, Direct Action Everywhere – DxE, Cube of Truth, The Save Movement, Animal Alliance Network speak out against McDonald’s choices saying “I’m NOT Lovin’ It!” ations. JNN Reporters Paige Parsons Roache and Patrizia Barretto interview Sophia Deluz from NYC, Dani Alexander from Houston TX, Julia Winegard from CO, as well as Mercy For Animals and Animal Equality leaders in the animal protection movement. 

There have also been recent protests against McDonald’s in the cities of Philadelphia and Chicago, which were organized by The Humane League.  And it’s not just McDonald’s restaurants, there have been protests against Chick-fil-A in Los Angeles and Carl’s Jr in NYC to name a couple others. People need to know where their food comes from and the suffering involved to for a sentient being to end up in that wrapper or happy meal box.  This is the reason these activists are here speaking up for the animals who are victims of the practices that torture and dismember them, so they can be consumed at places like these.


Sophia Deluz reporting live from Times Square, New York City with 80+ protesters who are speaking out against McDonald’s and how the animals are raised and killed to become McDonald’s meals are treated. The Humane League, Animal Equality, Compassion Over Killing, Mercy for Animals, Compassion in World Farming and more are calling on McDonald’s to make changes.

Activists were certainly out in force at this protest. The objective is for the better treatment of animals and also more plant-based options on the menu. Fast food restaurants like Fatburger are now offering 100% plant-based Impossible Burger patties as an alternative to meat patties for their customers, so why can’t bigger fast food chains like McDonald’s do the same. It is so vital that people ask for more of restaurants because change will only happen if we speak up and ask for it!

With that said, McDonald’s recently launched a veggie black bean burger that appears to be plant-based from the ingredients. Most of the ingredients are cryptic and we aren’t exactly sure what to make of them. This burger option is only available in certain locations overseas. Please see the link below for a list of ingredients. So thanks for trying overseas McDonald’s, but for now here in the US we want to see better treatment of animals slaughtered for consumption at your restaurants and more natural plant-based options on the menu.

The Humane League – New York City



GRAND OPENING—What are people celebrating?

Watch as activists bring awareness of the mass cruelty that is normalized by advertisements. The activists say they are here to show the REALITY. Protesters’ signs say “DON’T EAT MOR CHIKIN,” which is the reverse of the advertising slogan used by this popular chicken chain. They use cows to ask humans to “EAT MOR CHIKIN”.

For health, the activists say they want consumers to know that processed meat has been linked to cancer by the World Health Organization. For more information you can read Dr. Michael Greger MD ‘s article on cooked meat consumption https://nutritionfacts.org/…/avoiding-…/. There is also growing criticism directed at the fast food industry and its role in animal agriculture, whose methods of raising and slaughtering many millions of animals is becoming an increasing source of controversy and dismay. #JaneUnChained reported about several of these protests occurring coast to coast and we expect to cover more protests like these. Activist groups are raising awareness about the impact consumers have on the animals, the environment, and themselves by choosing to eat at fast food restaurants like these. McDonald’s , Chick-fil-A, Carl’s Jr. and any other fast food establishments are invited to respond at any time.

The activists sang Ernesto Melchor Alonso’s The LiberationSong to let the customers understand that they represent the oppressed. https://youtu.be/8NMttalCsjA

Protest Organized by the Following Groups:

Los Angeles Animal Save
Direct Action Everywhere – Los Angeles

Animal Alliance Network

Sarah Segal reports live for #JaneUnchained

Lisa Karlan, Food For Life Instructor for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine






Ingredients in Veggie Black Bean Burger (overseas)


Report Edited by Ellen Dent.

The Humane League launches it’s biggest campaign to date using this large float in Chicago to let McDonald’s know that we are “Not Loving It.” Photo Courtesy of the Humane League


Activists in Chicago wear a Ronald McDonald costume and a tortured chicken costume raise awareness of the cruelty to chickens supplied to McDonald’s. The Humane League launches it’s biggest campaign to date letting McDonald’s know that we are “Not Loving It.” Photo Courtesy of the Humane League


The Humane League bought the advertising space in front of a Mcdonald’s to let the message read loud and clear. Happy Meals are far from happy. The Humane League launches it’s biggest campaign to date letting McDonald’s know that we are “Not Loving It.” Photo Courtesy of the Humane League


A wall of activists in front McDonald’s in Hollywood. Thank you for being there to expose the truth about animal cruelty and fast food. Photo by Paige Parsons Roache


Protestors line the street in Los Angeles protesting the treatment of animals from suppliers of McDonald’s. Passerbys read the signs curiously. Photo by Paige Parsons Roache


Chloe Fuller of the Humane League addresses activists at the protest. Photo by Paige Parsons Roache.


Activists protest at the newly-opened Chick-fil-A in the West Hills area outside of Los Angeles. Photo by Brittany Drake of DXE Los Angeles .


Activist Brittany Michelson gets on the megaphone to let customers hear the message of animal cruelty loud and clear. Photo by Brittany Drake of DXE Los Angeles


Sarah Segal interviewing Ivonne Arroyave about her take on the protest. Photo by Brittany Drake of DXE Los Angeles

A customer at the Chick-fil-A restaurant has a peaceful discussion about why activists are protesting. Photo by Brittany Drake of DXE Los Angeles



Fatburger advertises their new Impossible Burger patty option. Make sure to skip the cheese and mayo… 🙂