#JaneUnChained LIVE at the opening of Monty’s Good Burger 100% Plant-based food in Korea Town, USA in Los Angeles, California. Serving the Impossible FoodsImpossible Burger with Follow Your Heart cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, house spread, grilled onions on a Bosch Bakery Potato Bun, this place is packed!

Multiple local animal activists with The Save Movement/Los Angeles Animal Save/Animal Alliance Network and social media influencers turned up for this epic opening, including artist Le Fou, Gianni Claud and Bashir Brown. The vegan community was definitely out in force to show their support for this plant-based business and they were all very excited to get their cruelty-free burger fix. 

Monty’s not only cares about the animals but they also care about the environment. They serve up the eco JUST water bottles and paper straws with their amazing burgers! Thank you Monty’s for saying no to excessive plastic that too often ends up in the environment harming animals! The eco JUST water bottles, are from a company founded by Jaden Smith after he witnessed the pollution in the ocean due to plastic waste while he was surfing. What a great idea! 

One funny fact about this restaurant is that it is named after one of the business owners, Bill Fold’s dog, Monty, and he’s the dog chomping down on a big burger in the logo. Monty’s is getting thumbs up all around for its amazing food. We can also attest to how delicious the food is at this place, so please come by and try a 100% plant-based burger at Monty’s Burger. And don’t forget the fries, tots, and amazing shakes to go with it!

Check out their website for more info:



Paige Parsons Roache reporting for JaneUnChained.com

Photos by Paige Parsons Roache

The amazing 100% plant-based Monty’s Good Burger cheeseburger. Prepare your taste buds for burger perfection! :)-


The gorgeously illustrated simple menu, sure to catch anyone’s hungry eyes.


This customer is standing in aw of the array of great items to choose from. Yum!


Late night cravings… No problem. Monty’s in K Town is open from 11am-11pm Sunday- Wednesday and 11pm-1am Thursday-Saturday. Enjoy!