#JaneUnChained LIVE in Northern California with a group of activists from Bay Area Animal Save and Stockton Animal Save who just rescued roosters from a slaughterhouse where they were crammed into cages so tightly they could not turn around. Join us as they experience their first minutes of freedom and activists have a vegan potluck celebrating life.


What you are seeing in this video is these animals’ first experience of freedom. This is the first time they have felt the grass under their little feet. Chickens sent to slaughter are usually 5-8 weeks old on average, so these chickens are basically chicks in that regard. Chickens can live well over 10 years when well-maintained so a few weeks of life is practically no life at all. The conditions they came from were extremely adverse, crammed into a tiny cage with several other chickens to the point they cannot move. One of the chickens appears to be very ill. Its not able to lift its head to eat, and its making “gurgling sounds.”


The organizer for Bay Area and Stockton Animal Save groups, Alicia, explains that these animals destined for slaughter are not given veterinarian care.  But now they will receive that care and live well. Thank goodness these compassionate activists saved these poor sentient creatures. Enjoy your grapes and freedom sweet little chickens! Choose love for these innocent creatures, and please stop eating them and their byproducts.


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Maya Benperlas reporting LIVE for Jane Velez-Mitchell


The lucky ones…Rescued chickens enjoying freedom for the very first time!


Chickens enjoying the feeling of grass between their toes for the very first time.


The crowded conditions they came from. Chickens are often times raised cages like these, transported in them, and aren’t able to leave them until they are hung up to die in a slaughterhouse…


A chicken missing many of it’s feathers and in poor shape due to the conditions it is forced to endure.