Today on #LunchBreakLIVE Shawnee Badger and Morgan-Lee Parpart,two incredible millennial animal rights activists’ who’ll be creating a Mac ‘N Cheese Gluten-free Cauliflower Pizza! Catch their stories of dedication and commitment to the animals and see how they’re making history!


Morgan-Lee Parpart is a 22-year old activist based out of Orange County fighting for the animals, people, and planet. She currently works at a small local vegan business, Hug Life, an all vegan ice cream store located in the cities of Garden Grove and Orange. She is also a vegan mentor with Vegan Outreach. She made the decision to become vegan in 2013, and has since made the commitment to dedicate her life to the movement. She slowly transitioned to veganism, and sadly she could no longer enjoy 90 percent of her grandma’s food during the holidays.

Shawnee Badger is an actress, animal and human rights activist, and environmental justice activist, living in Los Angeles, CA. Shawnee has been on her vegan journey for three years. Morgan actually helped Shawnee transition to veganism by introducing her too it.  Shawnee also watched the film “Cowspiracy,” and that sealed the deal. She transitioned to a vegan diet immediately.

After serving as a delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, Shawnee made vegan history by authoring the first resolution about veganism to pass through both a county and state Democratic Party in the country. She also authored and passed language pertaining to veganism into the California Democratic Party 2018 Platform—the first major political party in the country to implement this kind of language into its platform. She also started the non-profit PAC called Vegan Action Fund launching later this year.

Shawnee recently attended her first pig vigil with Animal Alliance Network with her mom and her sister, and they went vegan after they saw the pigs suffering on the trucks headed into the slaughterhouse. She was also able to help coordinate a large collaborative vigil with Animal Alliance Network, LA Animal Save, and a few other animal rights groups last month. Commissioner Roger Wolfson and candidate for Congress Kenneth Mejia were in attendance and they gave pro-animal rights speeches.

These busy vegan ladies sure made us an extremely tantalizing pizza today! Morgan comments as she stirs the mac ‘n cheese, that she had the hardest time not eating cheese as she was transitioning to veganism, and it was because she was addicted to it. Jane further explains that cheese has an addictive component. It has a morphine-like effect on the body, according to Dr. Neal Barnard. You can see what happens to cows in the dairy industry in the YouTube short, “Dairy is Scary,” featuring social media star, Erin Janus. In the meantime, please stop consuming dairy today and chow down on this amazing cruelty-free mac ‘n cheese pizza instead!

One Gluten free Mac ‘N Cheese Pizza
• Trader Joe’s cauliflower pizza crust
•1 tbsp. vegan mayo
•1 tsp. kale pesto
•Annie’s vegan and gluten free mac and cheese: requires 1/2 cup non dairy milk, 2 tbsp. vegan butter
•1 head broccoli (cut into small florets. boiled, sautéed or roasted)
•vegan mozzarella style shredsDirections:Prep by preheating oven. Follow the instructions on cauliflower crust box. Bake as instructed. While pizza crust is baking, make the Annie’s mac n cheese by following the directions on the packaging. Once crust is done baking, spread pesto mayo topping evenly, then add finished mac n cheese, then broccoli and finally, sprinkle mozzarella shreds on top. Place pizza back in oven for approximately 7 minutes then broil for 5 minutes, keeping watch to make sure it does not burn. Enjoy


Gluten-Free Vegan Cauliflower Mac ‘N Cheese Pizza! The impossible is possible! Photo: Paige Parsons Roache


The yummy and wholesome vegan pizza ingredients! Photo: Paige Parsons Roache


Shawnee, Jane, Morgan and Morgan’s mom, Karen pose for a beautiful photo after enjoying the mac ‘n cheese pizza! Photo: Paige Parsons Roache


Best friends… Thing 1 and Thing 2… They are too cute!