#LunchBreakLIVE at an amazing raw vegan restaurant in DTLA – that’s downtown Los Angeles, California, located on Main Street and 8th StreetWild Living Foods! Totally plant-based, gluten-free, and delish! Raw with astounding dishes and desserts!


Everything from fresh juices, breakfast, activated smoothies, desserts and more can be found at Wild Living Foods and the kicker is that it is all raw!!! Yes that’s right. Nothing at this restaurant is heated over 118 degrees Fahrenheit, which keeps the nutrients inside of the food, as well as many other health benefits. Try the blue magic smoothie, which is packed with activated nutrients like blue algae, that does the body good!


Jane and Jessica had quite a smorgasbord to taste from at this restaurant. Everything from jalapeno poppers, coconut-wrapped spring rolls, a spicy “tuna” roll, and a burrata salad. This is definitely as must try spot but like Jane says, the food may be “too beautiful to eat.


So why raw? Well there are many reasons behind eating raw vegan food. To name a few, raw foods have been shown to lower inflammation, improve digestion, provide dietary fiber, improve heart health and prevent cancer. And that’s just to name a few! Many argue that raw plant-based foods are the what our bodies are designed to eat in naturally. So do your body a favor and try eating raw at Wild Living Foods today!


Jessica Steinberg is today’s fabulous reporter and taste tester alongside Jane Velez-Mitchell!


Just a glimpse of the amazing food Jane and Jessica tried at Wild Living Foods! Photo: Jessica Steinberg


Wild Living Foods menu full of quick serve items and it’s all raw! Photo: Jessica Steinberg


The unique interior design at this restaurant blends Native American style with Malibu vibes. Photo: Jessica Steinberg