#LunchBreakLIVE’s guest chef today is Actor/Coach/Entrepreneur TICO WELLS. Starring in the 20th Century Fox classic film “The Five Heartbeats,” directed, produced and co-written by Robert Townsend with co-writer Keenan Ivory Wayans in the 90’s, Tico’s career took off with other powerful roles, as well as his acting coach career. Traveling back and forth to his home state of Maryland, he’s kept a steady trajectory upward with his career. Watch live today as he shares the benefits of watermelon while creating a Fun Fruit Juice Blast! Fitness Trainer and Creator of W29Activewear Sherri Johnson, along with JNN Contributor Paige Parsons Roache, assist in the kitchen. 

Our LBL guest is Tico Wells, starred in the iconic 90’s film “The Five Heartbeats” (look it up ladies!)  He is a successful acting coach, producer, motivational speaker and entrepreneur traveling bi-coastally from his hometown outside Baltimore, Maryland to Los Angeles. Joining him are hosts Sherri Johnson, AKA Sherri Sheree, creator of US company W29Activewear, along with JNN Contributor Paige Parsons Roache, AKA VeganRamaMama, as they enjoy homemade watermelon juice and smoothies, plus a tasty garden salad made with farm-to-table veggies!

“This is a watermelon.” Tico explains as Sherry lets us know the benefits of watermelon for our health. Number one, it’s very hydrating and helpful if you have kids who refuse to drink water. Get them to eat watermelon! He uses his “standard Jack Lalanne” juicer to juice the watermelon seeds and all… And voila watermelon juice! Watermelon is very good for blood pressure, asthma, heart health, weight-loss, hydration for the skin, pregnancy, and kidney health.  Watermelon also contains vitamins  A, C, and B6.  Tico recommends checking out Dr. Robert Morse on Facebook for more information about kidney filtration. It is very easy to make the watermelon juice with a juicer, and don’t forget to save the rinds because you can juice them too! Delicious and refreshing!

Tico started juicing in New York, in 1984, when he was taking herbology classes. One of his friends talked him into a “Jesus fast,” during which you fast for 40 days. He said it was powerful for his health and swears by food/juice being medicine. And Tico has been vegan ever since (minus 2 pieces of fish in 1992). He’s definitely a funny guy!  Check him juicing all kinds of fruits with help from Sherri and Paige, and get your juicer revved up for your health today!


Pick out a large organic watermelon.

Cut in 1/4

Cut the red juicy fruit away from the rind.

Place into juicer with the seeds. Let it pour into a glass. Drink it room temperature.

Add fresh blueberries to the watermelon in the blender and drink it up! Enjoy!


Organic Summer Salad

Heirloom tomatoes
Kalimantan olives


Cut up all the veggies into bite sizes, squeeze lemon all over then top with Kalamata olives, plus add optional hemp+chia+sesame seeds and garnish with cilantro.

Paige Parsons Roache reporting for Lunch BreakLIVE on Janeunchained.com.
Camera and lights: Adam Leo JaneUnChained.com

Sherri Johnson, TIco Wells, and Paige Parsons Roache posing with the beautiful produce they juiced. Cheers to your health!


Tico posing with a kidney-cleansing massive watermelon! Nothing says summer like watermelon juice!