#LunchBreakLIVE at the Frozen Fruit Co. where two British barristers started this awesome, 100% vegan dessert company! And, now, they have a food truck too! Michael Philippou & Victoria Philippou & their magnificent baby Esmeralda!


MIchael started his food truck as a Kickstarter. He wanted to get the community involved and he was able to raise 10,000 dollars to make the ice cream truck business a reality. The ice cream is super creamy and they serve scoops instead of soft serve on the truck. You can find the truck around the Silverlake, Studio City, and Venice.  But don’t worry if they don’t service your area yet, because they plan to get more trucks soon! There are exclusive flavors on the truck like banana bread and salted date. They also use a special method that utilizes the fruit ingredients so they flavor the ice cream instead of a milk base, or other base ingredient. These frozen treats are as natural as they possibly can be with no preservatives or additives.


The desserts are also pieces of art! See the photos below, but we have never seen a more beautiful ice cream composition. And the ice cream is more than pretty… Check out Jane’s reaction when she tries hers! She’s overloaded with the flavor! We can’t think of anything more refreshing than this plant-based delicious ice cream on a hot summer day! And if you don’t feel like leaving the house, can order the Frozen Fruit Co. on Postmates, Grubhub, and Door Dash if you live near the shop! Come join the ice cream party!


Check out their website:



Owners Michael Philippou & Victoria Philippou posing in their vibrant Frozen Fruit Co. shop! Photo Courtesy of Frozen Fruit Co.


It’s a bouquet, no it’s ice cream, well all we know is it’s delicious!!!!


Victoria Philippou posing in front of their amazing Frozen Fruit Co.


This gorgeous line up of ice cream cone’s makes you think you’re on a tropical island. Photo Courtesy of Frozen Fruit Co.


Vegan dairy-free, full of fruit, and oh so amazing!


And if you don’t want a cone, grab this natural vegan soft serve in a cup! Photo Courtesy of Frozen Fruit Co.


Delivery Options Available!!! Postmates, Grubhub, and Doordash, will bring your treat to you!!!