Locals throw fried chicken breasts from their cars at demonstrators holding a 24 hour vigil outside slaughterhouse for the 150,000 chickens who meet their demise here every day after living agonizing lives. @Portland Animal Save and Kelso Chicken Save holding a 24 hour vigil for chickens! Dani Rukin reporting LIVE for #JaneUnChained News!


Obviously the locals not lack compassion for the chickens, but also they lack it for the activists begging for mercy for these animals. A truck speeds by its tires screech from turning too fast. They try to intimidate the protesters. They throw fried chicken breasts from the windows at the protestors, and others say they “eat chicken around there and vote for Trump.”  This may be an uphill fight for change but these activists are brave and dedicated to saving these animals from suffering! We have to keep in mind that not everyone is awake, and they haven’t made the connection to the animals suffering in order to become food. But we can’t give up, we have to keep trying to enlighten the masses because everything we know in existence is at risk.


Change must happen soon and we should do everything we can to help facilitate this change before it is absolutely too late. These chickens are contracted from farms in most cases, where they are raised in a warehouse with no natural light. When they are barely large enough at 35 weeks old, they are sent for slaughter. This will be first time they see the light of the sun, as they are crammed into tiny battery cages on trucks. Scared, battered, and bewildered, they will be trucked to their deaths. This is the fate for 150,000 chickens here per day. This is not sustainable and it is ignorant not to realize we can’t get away with these kind of practices much longer. Keep fighting the good fight activists! We are here, we see you, and we are 100 percent behind your efforts!!!


Save the animals, save the planet, and save yourself. Please choose compassion and stop eating these animals and animal products today!


Group of protestors pose for a photo outside of the slaughterhouse. They are the change this planet needs. Photo Courtesy of Kelso Chicken Save Facebook Page


Activist holds sign promoting compassion through veganism. Photo Courtesy of Kelso Animal Save Facebook Page

Protestor holds sign explaining how chickens feel as sentient creatures. Photo Courtesy of Kelso Chicken Save Facebook Page

Protestors hold signs to encourage the end of cruelty to these animals. Photo Courtesy of Kelso Chicken Save Facebook Page

Empty cages after the chickens are dropped off at their final destination. Photo Courtesy of Kelso Chicken Save Facebook Page