#JaneUnChained LIVE with Jackfruit Cafe in Jefferson Park, LA! Next week Angie’s truck will be in Burbank, California & Toluca Lake, California! Angela Means is the JackfruitQueen and now she has her own truck! Her 100% plant-based food is out of this world fantastic! Check Jackfruit Cafe’s Facebook page for specific locations/times!

One customer swears it can’t be distinguished from actual meat. But it’s all plant-based “so you don’t have to eat the homies.” And oh what a surprise! Fellow activists and vegans Sarah Segal and Michael Fujimori stopped by to get their jackfruit fix after protesting the dog meat trade in South Korea. They could not wait to get their order in!

Jackfruit Cafe serves jackfruit tacos, burgers, sliders, and more! Make sure you use her new hashtag #hiangiebyeflesh as a vegan twist on the #byefelicia hashtag, a reference to her appearance in he movie “Friday.” But in all seriousness, you have to try her food. It is absolutely addictive!

Jane Velez-Mitchell and Angela Means

Jackfruit Burger. Photo courtesy of Jackfruit Cafe.