The JaneUnChained team was live at Costco, in Marina Del Rey, where we gleefully tried out the new vegan menu options: the $4.99 Açaí Bowl, which is just 330 calories, full of antioxidant rich fruit, and the 100% Plant Based Protein Al Pastor Salad, which is also only $4.99! The manager told us the dressing is also vegan with no eggs and no dairy!! We asked and clarified this after the live broadcast, so you can enjoy the whole dish!!

With Animal Agriculture being the leading cause of global warming, world hunger, and processed meat being correlated to cancer, change is necessary, and this is it!  Plant-based options make it possible for us to start healing ourselves and our planet.  This is the only way we will be able to live sustainably and more in harmony with nature.

Everyone, please support these delicious, compassionate new options!  The JaneUnChained team is asking: why did Arianna Huffington’s HuffPost unfairly trash these healthy, environmentally sound choices in a slanted story by Ed Mazza?  Please support these delicious low-priced offerings and show Costco that we want the healthy options versus the cancer-causing ones!  We applaud you Costco for making a conscientious change for the sake of everyone and every thing we know in existence!

As consumers become more mindful of the food choices for themselves and their families, they will choose the options that are better for their health, the animals, and the environment.  The industry is changing and each one us is making a difference with the menu selections offered at these establishments.  We are voting with our dollars and collectively, we are influencing the suppliers that provide the better cruelty-free options and move society to a more sustainable and pleasurable environment.

We encourage everyone to support the businesses that have made a positive impact and offer plant-based options for their customers.

Jane Velez-Mitchell give a thumbs up for the Açaí Bowl!

The Al Pastor Salad at Costco.

Jane Velez-Mitchell with Açaí Bowls.