#JaneUnChained LIVE in San Pedro, California where Cocobella Creamery teamed up with In Defense of Animals, and gave out free super creamy vegan ice cream as one of 60 #DairyIsScary billboards towers over the USS Iowa, featuring social media star Erin Janus! The idea? You can enjoy ice cream without dairy cruelty with coconut based ice cream that’s delicious!!!!


What’s wrong with the Dairy Industry?? Well as Jane and Erin Janus describe, they forcibly inseminating female cows, rip mother’s babies from them leaving them to cry in desperation for countless days, they torture and often times kill the babies for veal. Then we milk the mothers until they bleed and pus into the milk and are soon sent to their untimely deaths when they are no longer able to produce milk.


In Defense of Animals has put up 60 billboards, featuring Erin, and the five minute youTube video, “Dairy is Scary.” Almost 5 million people have already viewed the video on youTube alone. They are shedding light on the dairy industry’s systematic cruelty to animals and the adverse health consequences that dairy has on humans when they consume it because it is just not meant to be consumed by us. It is meant for the baby calf that needs it in order to survive.

And when there are so many plant-based alternatives to dairy, that are so much better for our health, there is no good excuse! Don’t believe the dairy industries ads because diary does not do “a body good.” It’s time to show people the truth. Please watch “Dairy is Scary” on youTube and share it far and wide. And please check out Cocobella’s Creamery in Hollywood in the center on the Southwest corner of Vine and Fountain.

Please check out the “Dairy is Scary” video on youTube. “It is a 5 minute video that will change your life!”



A sign that is sure to make you pull over!


Two ladies enjoying their free vegan ice cream!

Family photos with their vegan ice cream are better with the “Dairy is Scary” billboard hovering as a backdrop.


Free ice cream sure to bring a big smile to anybody’s face! 🙂