#LunchBreakLIVE with VeganEvan – Animal Hero!!!

At first glance, he may appear to be just another cute kid, but he is so much more! The 7 year old, award winning activist/rapper, his mom Shannon, and grandma Lynn joined us for a lunch of Tofurky with Follow Your Heart mayo alternative! VeganEvan is a super hero activist, who is the Co-president and spokesperson for Animal Hero kids, a non-profit that reaches over 30,000 kids per year and teaches them kindness to all beings.  One of Evan’s main goals is to enlighten others to the damage that is caused to our planet and the animals, by worldwide agriculture. He is also a Spokesperson for Solutionary Species, an educational organization that teaches people about solutions for creating a healthy, compassionate, and sustainable world. He is on a one kid pro-vegan message tour. But he couldn’t do it without his amazing mom who quit her job a year ago to travel with Evan and help him spread his message far and wide!

Some of Evan’s favorite types of activism include: leafleting, protesting, marching, PETA 2 Actions, making videos, writing and performing vegan and animal rights raps, giving presentations, doing disruptions and other actions (like Mass Open Rescues with DxE), participating in Anonymous for the Voiceless Cube of Truth demos, and attending vigils with the Save Movement to bear witness and give the animals a few moments of love & water if possible.  He is always just doing his best to educate & empower others all day, everyday & everywhere! He’s not just trying to inspire people to go vegan, he’s trying to inspire everyone I be a VEGAN ACTIVIST!

Evan is also a talented speaker. He recently co-presented a workshop in Berkeley, CA in May.  His fellow presenters were Denise Bitz, founder of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, and also Dr. Sailesh Rao, Executive producer of both What the Health & Cowspiracy. Evan was the youngest speaker at the Animal Liberation Conference! He was invited to be on a panel at the WTH-Cow-Con (What the Health – Cowspiracy Conference) in San Francisco in June alongside Doctor Lori Marino (The Whale Sanctuary Project), Miyoko Schinner (Miyoko’s Kitchen), Earthling Ed, Dr. Will Tuttle (The World Peace Diet), and Captain Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd and Whale Wars)  He was invited to be on two panels at the incredible, 3-day Asheville Vegan Fest in North Carolina in June.  And he was the guest speaker for a Carnivores Anonymous Meeting that took place during the National Animal Rights Conference in LA and he was also part of the Conference’s Closing Ceremony.

Evan has won several awards from winning the 2016 PETA Kids Cutest Vegan Kids Contest, to being awarded the Animal Hero Kids Russel Simmons Creative Animal Hero Kids Award. He was presented an award at the Space Coast Animal Rights Gala in December of 2017, and was recognized as an incredible young activist at the Rise Up, Shut it Down Event in Tar Heel, NC (Smithfield – largest pig slaughterhouse in the world) in February of this year! This kid is absolutely amazing and has accomplished more for animal rights than many do in a lifetime as his very young age.

Their family’s compassion for animals started with Evan’s grandma, who taught his mom to kindness to all living creatures from a young age. And Shannon has been fighting for the animals since she was 9 years old with full support from her mom! Mom and Grandma couldn’t be more supportive and encouraging of Evan and his mission! Evan decided at four years old to stop eating meat on his own! So here at this table we have three generations of animal lovers who are dedicating their existence to continuing this legacy of fighting for change.

Evan is such a brave young boy taking on the world head on by using his knowledge to help others see the truth behind the consequences of their lifestyle decisions. He raps, he speaks, and he does whatever he can to advocate for the animals and the planet. He is an inspiration to us all and he gives us hope for brighter tomorrow! The future is vegan and Vegan Evan is the embodiment of the future!!!

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*Special thanks to Shannon for her help compiling this article!


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Vegan Evan poses with his new buddy, Rico the rescue dog from Puerto Rico!

Vegan Evan and his vegan mom, Shannon.

vegan Evan receiving the “Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion,” from Supreme Master Ching Hai, on November 5th, 2017.


Vegan Evan giving a speech about compassion to a crowd of over 400 people at the LA Animal Save pig vigil on Sunday July 8th