50 activists came out on 4th of July to show mercy to the pigs. Video: Jane Valez-Mitchell


#JaneUnChained LIVE attended a vigil organized by Animal Alliance Network (AAN) at a pig slaughterhouse near downtown Los Angeles! July 4th Fireworks add to the terror these animals experience as they head to their deaths! This is the gut-wrenching violence that society has normalized and it is all so unnecessary!

Animal Alliance Network is a new 501c3 Non-profit that organizes weekly protests outside of this particular slaughterhouse every Wednesday night. Their aim is to educate, take action, do outreach and spread awareness of the daily atrocities other animals endure due to our species practices.

AAN also works closely with LA Animal Save and has recently been added to the groups in The Save Movement’s international network. Both groups share the common goal to end unsustainable practices that involve cruelty to billions of animals per year. It is estimated that 56 billion animals are killed worldwide every year for human consumption and factory farming is the number one cause of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. If these practices aren’t ended or changed very soon, this planet will no longer be able to sustain us.

AAN hopes that everyone who cares about animals, the environment, and the survival of the human species to do whatever they can to help facilitate change. They believe that all people hold the power to be influential in the movement. Please attend vigils and any other activism events you can and share your experiences and knowledge with others. We can facilitate change peacefully and it starts in each one of us!

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The Board Members of Animal Alliance Network.
(Left to Right) Oscar Roman, Ellen Dent, Manny Sifuentes, Eder Lopez, Morgan Miladinovic, and Brian Valdez.


The Save Movement co founder Anita Kranjc pictured with Activist Summer Chacon.


A powerful moment of silence is shared by activists, and is followed by a discussion and announcements.