#JaneUnChained LIVE as dozens of animal activists gather at Au Lac DTLA, a gourmet vegan restaurant! These activists are engaged in a weekly meet-up dinner prior to going to a pig slaughterhouse 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles! There they will bear witness to innocent, baby pigs and try to comfort them as they head to their deaths!


Activists in the Save Movement from several countries filled up the restaurant, joined by Anita Kranjc, the co-founder of the Save Movement, and Amy Jean Davis, the organizer for Los Angeles Animal Save. Get togethers like these reinforce the strength of the animal rights community. The key is to strengthen bonds between activists in a relaxed recreational setting outside of being at the slaughterhouse or other protests. Au Lac couldn’t be a better place to do just this, with their fully plant-based menu, and delicious gourmet dishes, they brought smiles to everyone’s faces at this dinner.


Their very own extremely talented vegan Chef Ito, is an activist as well! He regularly attends vigils with LA Animal Save and is a very gifted photographer amongst his other talents. He has captured some of the most powerful images of the pigs suffering outside of the slaughterhouse, and his photos are used regularly by local activists and groups. Check out some of his graphic photos on his Instagram page. Probably the most intriguing aspect of his persona, is the fact that he has taken a vow of silence. He can hear us but does not speak and when he responds, he uses body language to communicate in its place. Chef Ito will also be helping organize a March of Silence on Wednesday September 12th, 2018 and all are welcome to come march in silence for animal rights with him.


To attend a pig vigil and or meet at dinner before hand, go to Los Angeles Animal Save on Facebook and check out there “Events” tab. 


Animal Alliance Network also has pig vigils every Wednesday night. Please check out their Facebook Page as well for more details.


And to join Chef Ito in the March of Silence please visit the event page here.


Salt and pepper shrimp made from yams sautéed with purple cabbage, jalapeño and cilantro. It’s unbelievably good!



Simply delicious Au Lac burger on the special menu, features a patty made in-house. Tip: Request to add veggie bacon and vegan egg.


Photo by Chef Ito showing a battered pig on its way into the slaughterhouse.



Another photo by Chef Ito of two pigs desperately gulping water after being denied food or water for days in transport to the slaughterhouse.

Activists pose with taped mouths for the upcoming March of Silence on September 12th, 2018.