Friday’s  #LunchBreakLIVE featured the amazing Juice Guru team, Steve Prussack Juice Guru & Julie Prussack! Juice it up and transform your life! Grab the free Juicing Made Easy Chart here:

We’ve all heard that “you are what you eat” and Juice Guru provides all the equipment and the guidance you need to make plant-based juice, smoothie, and food recipes to help you reverse damage in the body, as well as maintain and avoid further damage due to the aging process.

According to Chalkboard Magazine, juicing can improve digestive health, heart health, promote weight loss, reduce the risk of disease, and combat free radicals. Juicing can help your overall health and is used by many doctors as a plant-based treatment for their patients. To read further on the benefits of juicing check out this article in The Chalkboard Magazine. 

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Simple easy juice ingredients make it easy to be healthy.

Steve Prussack Juice Guru & Julie Prussack posing with their fresh juice.

The Juice Guru’s guides with easy simple recipes for creating and maintaining health and vitality.

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