Mercy for Animals undercover investigator, Geoff Regier, describes the horrors and atrocities he was forced to witness on Canada’s largest dairy, egg, and chicken farms while working undercover in order to capture the reality for all to see. The chicken farm kills 500,000 chickens each day! His job was to shackle them upside down to have their throats slit. Hear what he saw on the dairy farm where his job was to hook the cows up to the milk machines. Their is no right way to do the wrong thing!

It’s called the Cube of Truth, a global movement where truth tellers gather anonymously in public squares to show people the truth of the horrors of meat & dairy production. They silently confront people with the actual images of animals needlessly suffering to be turned into a burger or a hot dog, when there are better alternatives! Anonymous for the Voiceless is the group. Dani Rukin reports for

Cube of Truth outreach worker talking to passerby about what he’s seeing on the screens and the reality of animal agriculture.