#JaneUnChained LIVE with Nina and Randa, YouTube stars who’ve written an amazing book about how to cure acne without any drugs! The Clear Skin Diet is life changing for 60 million mostly young Americans who suffer from acne! Jane Velez-Mitchell interviews the twins at their book signing at Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles, California! Hint: eat no animal products and no oil!  Order now: amzn.to/2EB5FF7

Below are proud parents Jeff and Sabrina Nelson, who helped their twin daughters with the 130 participant study involving people with mild to severe acne. The results were astoundingly good, which led to the book: The Clear Skin Diet. Imagine, two 24 year olds accomplishing what doctors cannot do: a solution to acne without drugs. This condition impacts 60 million Americans, causing social anxiety and depression and it’s all unnecessary and can be avoided by switching to a whole foods, plant-based diet with no oil!

So what do Nina and Randa eat to maintain such clear skin?