Vegan Pole Dancers Take Hollywood By Storm

Photos by: Daniel Sliwa and George Simian

#JaneUnChained live at The Federal Bar for Tonya Kay‘s Pin-Up Pole Show and Classic Car Cruise-In. 5 vegans performing on stage, 4 of whom are competing National champion title holders, one vegan musician playing live music, one additional vegan model, all are wearing designs from a vegan fashion curator C Bella Boutique, one vegan host/producer Tonya Kay. Also, one vegetarian performer and the guest judge Sunshine who’s vegetarian. So that seems to be: 8 vegans, 1 vegan company and 2 vegetarians.

Comedy, song, dance and world class specialty artists – this is Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show! Celebrate the music, fashion and fun of yesteryear in our 1955-1965 retro-styled extravaganza called by guests, “I Love Lucy meets Cirque du Soleil”. Starring Tonya Kay, Tiffany Rose Mockler Pole Dancer, Candace Cane, Vegan Pole Dancer and Heather Lou. Produced by Tonya Kay Next show is June 16th also at The Federal Bar, North Hollywood, California.
Vanessa Marsot and Paige Parsons Roache reporting live. George McQuade on camera and lights. Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show Guests @Pamela Whistley & @Dale Hendrickson. Vegan Pole Dancers in Hollywood