#JaneUnChained LIVE as police cuff and haul off a dozen animal rights protesters in Tar Heel, North Carolina! A police officer repeatedly punches one protester in a beating that is caught on tape. See video below. A campaign to raise money for the defense of the Smithfield12 is ongoing. You can donate here. More than 250 protesters held a Rise up! demonstration against slaughterhouses in general and Smithfield Foods in particular! Smithfield is owned by a Chinese company and is reportedly the largest killer of pigs in the world! This protest  occurred at the massive pig-processing plant which is thought to be the world’s largest, reportedly slaughtering 32,000 pigs a day! This is the suffering behind your bacon, ham, pork chops, hot dogs and deli slices! Watch if you dare! Smithfield is invited on any time to offer a response. Nora Constance reports for #JaneUnChained.

#JaneUnChained talks the software expert who was beaten by police at a Rise up! protest outside the world’s largest pig slaughterhouse in Tar Heel, North Carolina! His beating is caught on tape and we play it for you! More than 250 animal lovers turned up for the vigil outside Smithfield pig slaughterhouse, where millions of pigs are slaughtered. Anthony says he was injured and will pursue legal action! Whatever happened to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly? And, why isn’t mainstream media covering this story as they would any other alleged police brutality case?