#JaneUnChained with Chef Swami Nathan, founder and CEO of The The Amazing Protein Company, makers of Lika, the revolutionary product taking the world by storm! Now in Whole Foods Market as pop ups, this meaty, yet totally vegan, protein mimics all sorts of meats, without using any animal products! This is big for the plant-based movement! It’s currently available as a prepared food in the hot food section! Ask your local supermarket to carry Lika! For more information: amazingprotein.com.
Flavors include:

•            LIka® Beef and Broccoli

•            Lika® Meatloaf

•            Lika® Meatballs

•            Lika® Southwest Chili

•            Lika® Buffalo Chicken Nuggets

•            Lika® Kofta Balls in Tomato Fenugreek Curry

•            Lika Chickenless Salad