Would You Turn On This Blender Filled With Baby Chicks?


Protestors expose the egg industry with clever demo and ask, “Would you turn on this blender filled with baby chicks?” Any grocers supplying eggs with humane-related labeling such as: “cage-free”, “free-range”, “pasture-fed”, “organic”, “non-gmo”, “humane certified” – the list goes on – are invited to come on to Jane Velez-Mitchell and share their POV. #EggsExposed #JaneUnChained

Watch this dramatic scene unfold as protesters surge into a Portland, Oregon supermarket with a display depicting how male baby chicks are ground alive by the hundreds of millions. Demonstrators from Direct Action Everywhere – Portland then chant their way out! Grocers who sell eggs are welcome to come on and share their POV. Dani Rukin for #JaneUnChained


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