#LunchBreakLIVE features social media star Basic Vegan Babe, aka Jeanette Kozlowski! Today we learn how to make delicious potato meal-prep and lose weight. Yeah! Lose weight and eat potatoes! And, if you want to get that rad Vegan Nasa-type T-shirt, checkout vegetaryn.com – Tons of awesome vegan themed shirts and more! Actress Antionette Westcott asks the tough questions!

Andrew Dominguez on camera (2nd from right) and photos courtesy of professional photographer Reza Bahrami. Prabhat Gautam (center) was our amazing connector and producer. Emek Echo (far right) joined the #LunchBreakLIVE crew!

We’d provide a recipe but it’s just: bake a potato and eat it! Get energized! Lose weight! Keep it simple.