Steven M. Wise, founder of the extraordinary Non Human Rights Project (NhRP), which fights for personhood for chimps, orcas, elephants and other animals, speaks to animal rights leaders in Los Angeles, California!

Fabienne Origer, of the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg, organized the Steven M. Wise speaking event. Please help support his crucial work by donating to:
Among those in attendance: What the Health & Cowspiracy filmmaker Kip Andersen, Earthlings and Unity filmmaker Shaun Monson and Saving Grace, The Closer, Law & Order TV writer Roger Wolfson, who is also a producer and a Los Angeles Board of Animal Services Commissioner.

Steven M. Wise signed a copy of his book, Rattling the Cage, for JaneUnChained‘s Donna Dennison and  Jane Velez-Mitchell. The book has been hailed by Jane Goodall as the “The Animals’ Magna Carta.”