Tanya Mooney-Spanier, a vegan Ironman Triathlon athlete, visits Refarm Sanctuary where pigs can be pigs, and all 90 of the animal residents are living free, in peace, and with dignity.These two 600 lb’ers are father and son, Walker and Wallace! PLUS, hear how husband and wife “city slickers” moved to the country and made their dream of opening an animal sanctuary come true! #JaneUnChained

Where else can you feed baby piglets while llamas, goats, sheep, alpaca, cows, and potbellied pigs stroll by to say hello? A farm animal sanctuary! Visit one near you and experience the joys of spending time with our fellow earthlings.

Willow and Walker, pot-bellied party animals at Refarm Sanctuary. These new residents are living the dream! #JaneUnChained