Raucus protests erupt at Lawry’s The Prime Rib, Beverly Hills. Chants of “Go Vegan” greet a busload of football players leaving the iconic restaurant. Watch, as #JaneUnChained‘s Dani Rukin records the action despite efforts to block her camera. Demonstrators say Lawry’s glorifies gorging on animal flesh and points to a recent INSIDER piece, where a woman giddily plays around with a giant slap of meat. Protesters note former National Football League player Dave Carter is a vegan known as The 300 Pound Vegan.

Protestors note animal agriculture is not only causing needless suffering to so many animals, it’s also the leading cause of climate change and heart disease. #JaneUnChained’s crew tried unsuccessfully to get a statement from Lawry’s. Restaurant reps are invited on any time to respond to the protests. Dani Rukin reports for #JaneUnChained