Activists from Chicago and the surrounding area (including Wisconsin!) gathered for a midnight vigil in the alley behind a slaughterhouse on a weeknight to honor the hundreds of petrified chickens unloaded by trucks to their deaths to send a message of peace and justice for animals: “Let them live.” There was song, poetry, and speeches, including a moving talk by Free from Harm’s Robert Grillo reminding us that, “until their voices are heard, we will continue to raise ours.” Chicago Animal Save turned a dark and cold alleyway where unspeakable pain and suffering occurs – birds shrieking as the crates they’re stuffed into get slammed on the ground – into a sanctuary of hope. #LetAnimalsLive #JaneUnChained

Bearing witness to the chickens going to slaughter on this cold snowy night with Chicago Animal Save #LetAnimalsLive #JaneUnChained