How to make a delicious vegan omelet, taught by amazing activist and graphic designer Emek Echo! Watch! Join the LunchBreakLIVE party!


Vegan Omelet Recipe

Take half a cup of garbanzo bean flour

Mix with 2/3rds of a cup of water

Whisk together in bowl until smooth

Add in oregano, basil and pink salt to taste.  (Can add black salt for extra egg flavor and you can also add in garlic or onion powder)

Heat oil in small frying pan

Add sliced red and yellow peppers and sliced cherry tomatoes and brown (you could also add chopped onions)

Add garbanzo bean mixture to skillet and let coagulate (just like one would make an egg omelet)

When brown on bottom and sufficiently cooked, flip over and brown the other side.

Add shredded vegan Daiya cheddar cheese.

Fold the omelet over and serve.