How to make a Bountiful Balinese Dish called Osenge Tempeh, brought to you by Alex Frady, an ocean enthusiast who’s our #LunchBreakLIVE maven in the kitch!

Osenge Tempeh, a Traditional Balinese Dish


Package of tempeh
Cup of green beans
Two roma tomatoes
A quarter of a red onion
3 long green onions
2 scallions
Grape Seed Oil
Touch of salt
2 cloves of garlic
1 Thai red pepper (spicy)

Exotic ingredients to get at a specialty store or online

A thin slice of galanga root
Salam leaves
Ketchup Medja (sweet soy sauce)
2 Candle Nuts (do not eat raw)

Take Mortar & Pestle and Grind into a paste the following:

2 candle nuts
thin slice of galanga root
Scallions and garlic
Salam leaves


Cut one package of tempeh into french fry size pieces  
Fry in a third of a cup of grape seed oil

Fry the tempeh in a wok with heated grape seed oil until brown
Set tempeh on plate

With the remaining oil
Add the paste and brown for 1 minute
Add two chopped roma tomatoes
Sauté until tomatoes start dissolving
Add chopped green beans
Add a quarter of a cup of water to cook green beans on high heat
Add finely chopped Thai red pepper
Add chopped red and green onion

When beans are onions are cooked
Then, as the last addition, return the fried tempe to the wok
Stir and serve!