#JaneUnChained LIVE at a pig slaughterhouse near downtown Los Angeles, California with TV pundit and civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom, her husband, Braden Pollock, extraordinary musician, Moby; and Ken Spector from HappyCow Vegan Guide all bearing witness with Los Angeles Animal Save to the suffering of these innocent, young beings who’ve done nothing to deserve this horror. Peace begins on your plate.

#JaneUnChained LIVE at a pig slaughterhouse near downtown Los Angeles, bearing witness and giving water and comfort to innocent pigs headed to their deaths. Los Angeles Animal Save holds this weekly vigil. All this suffering and death for bacon, ham and hot dogs. The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation hero Marc Ching, who rescues dogs from China’s dog meat trade, says pigs are just like dogs.
IMG_4348Voraciously thirsty pig in a transport truck, outside a slaughterhouse in downtown Los Angeles, guzzles water from a compassionate person bearing witness to this atrocity. These pigs do not receive any food or water during transport, which could  take several days. 
LAAS 10:15:17 8 Shaun & Moby spraying copy 2Bearing witness and giving water to thirsty pigs. Moby (left front) and Shaun Monson, Director of Earthlings and Unity (to Moby’s left) are giving water to thirsty pigs. Other activists are either giving water or documenting this event to share on various social media platforms.
LAAS group & truck with officer shadow 10:29:17 copyThe Vernon Police Department should be commended because they help facilitate the process of “bearing witness” by stopping the trucks for two minutes, so activists can safely give water to pigs inside the truck before slaughter.

LAAS 10:15:17 6 Terrified pig copy An absolutely terrified pig in the transport truck.