Northwest VEG Fest! Check out Kelly’s Croutons parm! Kite Hill’s cream cheese and yogurt! Heidi Ho Organics’ mac n’ cheese n chikn!, Doshi FCSA fabulous handbags & accessories Jewish Veg & Portland Animal Save Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants for the outreach!

Genesis Butler, A Vegan Child’s Journey‘s message: “It’s never too early or late to be an activist“!

Come on a tour of the Portland VegFest – from virtual reality of a “humane” pig farm with Direct Action Everywhere – Portland to a chat with Kit Collins, founder and director of Out To Pasture Sanctuary, THE BEST vegan food, and lots of smiles!
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Direct Action Everywhere’s virtual reality of an open rescue of sick and injured piglets at a U.S. factory pig farm.


Vegan newborn – her first Veg Fest!

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Brandee Bice, Pure Barre Portland instructor, taking the Fest to a whole other.

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Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants (FOZE) showcasing their upcoming “Free The Elephants Conference and Film Festival” April 27, 2018 – April 29, 2018 at the University Place Hotel & Conference Center in Portland, OR