Portland Animal Save activists tried to bear witness to cows headed to slaughter at a recent vigil. But, they say, trucks carrying the cows appeared to go out of their way to avoid stopping, preventing those gathered from being able to comfort the animals! A first-timer at the cow vigil commented, “… to show them a little bit of compassion before they’re killed for unnecessary reasons is worth it.” The companies involved are invited on any time to offer their response.  The goal of the Save Movement is to have a vigil outside every slaughterhouse in the world.  To start you own animal save at a slaughterhouse near you, go to thesavemovement.org  #JaneUnChained

Rain-soaked women bearing witness describe how it feels when the truckers avoid letting them spend a moment with the cows headed to slaughter. Portland Animal Save #JaneUnChained

These gals drove all the way from Seattle, WA (3 hours!) to bear witness to the cows on trucks to the nearby slaughterhouse today. Portland Animal Save #JaneUnChained