Outraged New Yorkers are protesting outside the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum urging museum officials to cancel upcoming planned exhibits that glorify dog-fighting and allegedly showcase the abuse of other animals, like reptiles. Critics say this is violence porn, not art. Sign the Change.org petition here: http://bit.ly/2foFk6w to object and make your voice heard. You can also write directly to the museum at: community@guggenheim.org  #JaneUnChained

This woman on the (LT) is from France.  She literally ripped up her ticket and told the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum why she is so disturbed by this exhibition. Edita Birnkrant (RT) reporting for JaneUnChained in NYC.


This is a copy of the letter being handed out to people entering the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum 


Here is a beautiful Pit Bull Activist attending the protest