2012 Olympic Silver Medalist (cycling) Vegan Activist and founder Compassion Champs, Dotsie Bausch, becomes emotional as she experiences her first The Save Movement pig vigil at a slaughterhouse in downtown Los Angeles, California. Dotsie and others, from Los Angeles Animal Save, try to comfort 6 month old pigs bound for slaughter. These pigs were killed only minutes after we recorded this video. #WhoAreYouEating #JaneUnChained Toronto Pig Save

#JaneUnChained is with Los Angeles Animal Save at a pig slaughterhouse in Downtown Los Angeles, California very late on a Sunday night. There are over 100 activists bearing witness and giving thirsty pigs water at this The Save Movement vigil. This is the 2nd truck of the night filled with pigs who will enter the slaughterhouse momentarily, to be killed. Billy Simmonds, a former Mr Universe from Australia is bearing witness with Los Angeles Animal Save tonight and speaks to #JaneUnChained.
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