Victory!!! AB 485, the Pet Rescue & Adoption act passes the California legislature! Now, Everyone needs to email Governor Jerry Brown and say:  please SIGN AB 485 INTO LAW ! AB 485 will save millions of dogs and cats, and put puppy mills out of business! The bill says all dogs, cats and rabbits offered in California stores must come from shelters & rescue groups, not puppy mills! Please email Gov Brown NOW at: (see sample letter below)


Levoy, the dog in this video, became the face of AB 485! In a miraculous turn, Levoy was rescued from the Carson Shelter, in the nick of time, by Love Always Sanctuary at the very moment the bill was passing the state senate! Thanks to Nickie Mingarelli for saving Levoy’s life! He is a living, breathing example of all the healthy, adoptable dogs who will live thanks to AB 485. Please email Governor Brown requesting he sign AB 485 into law. Contact him now at:
CODE REDLevoy, in the above photo, became the face of AB 485! He was rescued from the Carson Shelter at the very moment the California Senate passed the bill. Please email Governor Brown NOW to save millions more just like him. Don’t assume he will just sign it. The puppy millers are still fighting this. This is a crucial moment. It just takes a second to email Governor Brown! Do it NOW! Thank you!  
Sample letter:   Governor Brown’s email:
Subject line: Please Sign AB 485, the Pet Rescue & Adoption Act
Governor Brown,
This is such an amazing bill, saving the state and local governments tons of money and saving millions of animals. AB 485, The Pet Rescue & Adoption Act, takes healthy adoptable dogs & cats from shelters and rescues, and puts them in pet stores, saving dogs that might otherwise be killed because lots of people just don’t visit shelters, where they languish and they are killed at taxpayer expense!
Please sign this law and make the world a kinder place for innocent, voiceless animals!
Thank you!