LIVE at Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)‘s Animal Rights 2017 National ConferencePaul Shapiro of The Humane Society of the United States discusses the toughest subject of the day: “Animal Rights in the Age of Donald J. Trump!” #JaneUnChained #AR2017 #DOGSofAR#SAVINGANIMALS
PaulShapiro 21 yr vegan fastest 1:2 marathon

Paul Shapiro celebrating his 21st Vegan-iversary while running his fastest half marathon ever!

Paul Shapiro 1:2 Marathon 4 min faster

This happened the following year – even faster!

Paul Shapiro with laptop and cat

Paul Shapiro doing work while hanging out with his cat

Paul Shapiro with cat

Nice to see that Paul Shapiro, who works tirelessly at the Humane Society of the United States is able to spend some time just chilling with his cat.