How to prepare a “Chicken Salad…..a Salad that Chickens Love to Eat” on #LunchBreakLIVE with Activist/ Traveling Reporter, Dani Rukin featuring Zoe Rooster, a teenage activist running the Happy Hen Chicken Rescue in San Luis Obispo, California and Julianne Perry, an activist with Direct Action Everywhere (DxE). Both Julianne and Zoe are speakers at Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)‘s Animal Rights 2017 National Conference Aug 3 – 6 at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center just outside Washington, District of Columbia. Use promo code: JaneUnChained25 to get $25 off the registration fees: Info about the 7/22/17 March To Close All Slaughterhouses – San Francisco is at:
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LBL Dani Rukin Happy Hen Chicken Rescue 7:20:17

Happy Hen Chicken Rescue in San Luis Obispo, CA

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LBL Dani Rukin Chicken on Table 7:20:17
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