Learn the succulent secrets of #Kombucha from the Kombucha Hunter on #LunchBreakLIVE! Watch as Stacy reveals the mystery about home-brewed Kombucha and get a free lesson! Learn about Kombucha Hunter’s 100% vegan SCOBY’s and brewing kits available at kombuchahunter.com/shop(Find out what a SCOBY really is). Note: 100% of the profits from Kombucha Hunter’s T-shirt and tank top sales are donated to The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation until July 31, 2017.
LBL Stacy Kombucha Hunter 7:11:17 final

Stacy from Kombucha Hunter with Fermented Beverages in Bottles and SCOBY’s (starter microorganisms) in Jars

LBL Stacy Kombucha Hunter SCOBY 7:11:17

SCOBY’s in Starter Liquid Which is Included in the Kombucha Home Brewing Kit

LBL Stacy Kombucha Hunter w:JVM 7:11:17

Jane Velez-Mitchell Interviewing and Going LIVE on Facebook with Stacy, the Kombucha Hunter