Lisa Karlan and Gwenna Hunter are feasting on healthy, organic, vegan food at HOPE Organic Kitchen in Studio City, California #LunchBreakLIVE  #JaneUnChained Please note that HOPE will be closed from July 4 through July 20 for remodeling.
LBL Gwenna & Lisa HOPE Quinoa Rolls 7:3:17

Crispy Seaweed Quinoa Rolls – Nori rolls stuffed with organic quinoa, black soybean tofu, shiitake mushrooms, & carrots served with tahini & sweet sesame sauce

LBL Gwenna & Lisa HOPE 7:3:17

Beefless Jerky – Soy beef marinated with traditional thai sauce


LT: Clockwise from top: Beefless Jerky, Crispy Seaweed Quinoa Roll, Curry Dumpling, Kale & Curry Quinoa Salad, Crispy Chicken in Sweet & Sour Sauce

Top RT: Curry Dumplings – Dumpling, carrots, beets, salsa, cilantro in green curry

Bottom RT: Kale & Curry Quinoa Salad – Organic kale, curry quinoa, beets, red onion, sliced raw almonds, dried cranberries, lemon zest tossed in a peanut dressing