Foraging for Lunch at a Farmer’s Market in NYC

Watch animal activist extraordinaire Their Turn‘s Donny Moss at New York, New York‘s Union Square Greenmarket where an amazing vegan pastry booth has been selling astounding desserts for a quarter of a century! Join our special Farmer’s Market #LunchbreakLIVE#JaneUnChained.

LBL Farmers Mkt NYC Donny Moss 6:23:17

Animal Activist, Donny Moss from “Their Turn”

LBL Farmer's Mkt NYC Strawberries 6:23:17

Fresh Strawberies from NY’s Union Square Greenmarket

LBL Farmers Mkt NYC 6:23:17

Sweet and Savory Pastries from “Body & Soul”, a vendor at the Greenmarket in NYC

LBL NYC Farmers Mkt w:SBux 6:23:17

Jane Velez-Mitchell & Compassion Over Killing’s Campaign to Get More Vegan Food at Starbucks. How??? Purchase a reusable cup from Starbucks, then write this message on the cup, take a photo with the cup and upload it to Instagram and other social media platforms!!!