Watch animal activist extraordinaire Their Turn‘s Donny Moss at New York, New York‘s Union Square Greenmarket where an amazing vegan pastry booth has been selling astounding desserts for a quarter of a century! Join our special Farmer’s Market #LunchbreakLIVE#JaneUnChained.
LBL Farmers Mkt NYC Donny Moss 6:23:17

Animal Activist, Donny Moss from “Their Turn”

LBL Farmer's Mkt NYC Strawberries 6:23:17

Fresh Strawberies from NY’s Union Square Greenmarket

LBL Farmers Mkt NYC 6:23:17

Sweet and Savory Pastries from “Body & Soul”, a vendor at the Greenmarket in NYC

LBL NYC Farmers Mkt w:SBux 6:23:17

Jane Velez-Mitchell & Compassion Over Killing’s Campaign to Get More Vegan Food at Starbucks. How??? Purchase a reusable cup from Starbucks, then write this message on the cup, take a photo with the cup and upload it to Instagram and other social media platforms!!!