Meet Your Hamburger on the Way to Her Death

Beautiful cows in transport truck outside a slauaghterhouse in Toronto, only moments from their deaths.

Meet your hamburger on the way to her death! #JaneUnChained #DontEatDeath Toronto Cow SaveToronto Pig Save The Save Movement

Toronto Slaughterhouse Cow Looking Out 5:5:17

The look in this cows eyes is daunting……she must know…..the smell of death is in the air.

Toronto Cow Slaughterhouse 5:5:17 1

Jane Velez-Mitchell, Amy Jean Davis and other activists outside a slaughterhouse in Toronto, Ontario Canada

Toronto Cow Slaughterhouse 5:5:17 2

This is the transport truck filled with cows awaiting entry into a slaughterhouse in Toronto, Ontario Canada.