Learn how to make an astounding vegan egg scramble with Follow Your Heart vegan eggs, plant-based cheese & Sweet Earth Foods Benevolent Bacon with a delicious topping of candied jalapenos from Local Harvest Company! It’s all whipped up by Renee King-Sonnen of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary in the heart of Texas, where Jane tries to get her cowgirl on! #LunchBreakLIVE



1 Tbsp vegan butter
1 pkg Follow Your Heart VeganEgg
Few slices of Follow Your Heart vegan cheese slices (American, pepper jack & provolone) diced
1 pkg Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon (vegan) chopped
3 green onions, diced
slightly less than 1/2 cup ICE COLD water
Few Tbsp Cool Foods Veggie Bacon Bits 
Few Tbsp Local Harvest Salsa (localharvestco.com) Texas Candy, Spice of Life

  1. Melt vegan butter in sauté pan
  2. Add diced scallions and Benevolent Bacon
  3. Place VeganEgg in a separate bowl and whisk in ICE COLD water (should have a pasty consistency)
  4. Add egg mixture to sauté pan and scramble it up
  5. Add the chopped vegan cheese and Veggie Bacon Bits and sauté for about a minute
  6. Serve on a plate, garnished with one or more of the salsas
  7. Enjoy!