These Pigs are Dying for Your Bacon

Are these pigs dying for your bacon? Pigs have a higher IQ than dogs and the emotional development of human toddlers. #JaneUnChained Los Angeles Animal Save

Posted by Jane Velez-Mitchell on Monday, February 27, 2017

Nearly midnight on Mon 2/27, organizer, Amy Jean Davis of Los Angeles Animal Save organized this vigil for pigs headed to their deaths. More than 100 compassionate activists bore witness, providing water and loving affection to truck after truck full of terrified 6 month old pigs, only moments before their deaths at a pig slaughterhouse in LA.
In attendance was documentary filmmaker, Shaun Monson of Nation Earth; musician, Toby Morse of H2O; artist, Constantin Le Fou;  Brian Manowitz of Vegan Black Metal ChefVegan BrosFabienne V OrigerChase AviorGwenna Hunter of VegansOfLALisa Karlan of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and Jane Velez-Mitchell of #janeunchained.