Watch’s newest correspondent who is only 13 years old! She reported as animal rights activists demonstrated outside LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s home on Sunday, demanding a complete overhaul of LA’s animal shelter system, charging it’s rife with corruption and animal abuse.
Protesters want Animal Services General Manager Brenda Barnette fired. Critics also want the shelters to stop killing so many dogs and cats, step up spay and neuter programs and make it easier for people to adopt! LA city officials responded: “We are working to address these complicated animal welfare issues and support Brenda Barnette and her work in this administration. We will continue to listen and work towards solutions through the important conversations we are having with Angelenos who are passionate about the lives of animals in our city.” To that critics say.. “blah, blah, blah. We want action.”
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Here are the stats for the Southern California region courtesy of the Los Angeles Times. “Close to 50% of the 72,000 animals brought to the six Los Angeles County shelters were killed by lethal injection last year. That’s down from 62% a few years ago and about on par with the national average, but it’s still higher than the city of Los Angeles, which had a 26% euthanasia rate last year, or Orange County, where it was 28%. The number of cats killed is particularly high — about 70% of felines brought into the Los Angeles County system were euthanized last year. The rate for dogs was down to 30%.”