JaneUnChained is linking here to a breaking story below from TheirTurn.net about the latest shocker out of Hendry County, Florida. Even as a lawsuit rages over the county secretly approving a massive monkey facility to breed monkeys for laboratory experimentation, residents hear new allegations that yet ANOTHER secret monkey breeding facility has been slipped in without their knowledge or consent. Residents say they have no idea if monkeys have arrived or not or how many are planned for this OTHER facility. They ask: why won’t county officials answer their questions? Now, worried residents plan a news conference for this coming Tuesday, March 24th at 9am outside the Hendry County Courthouse, where the county commissioners are set to meet. Click here for the events page details. Also, watch my story below about 1,250 monkeys being rescued from Mazor Farm, an Israeli monkey breeding facility that purportedly has connections with this new facility reportedly run by Bioculture. QUESTION: Were those monkeys, which were saved after philanthropist Ady Gil bought them for 2-million dollars, destined for this new Florida facility? That’s what activists in Israel believe. TheirTurn reached out to Bioculture for answers but the executive who picked up the phone refused to answer questions. Bioculture built a similar facility in Puerto Rico but the Puerto Rican Supreme Court ruled it could not open because it was constructed illegally.