A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of local citizens who have concerns about a proposed monkey facility in Hendry County, Florida. The facility would house 3,200 monkeys and reportedly sell monkeys for laboratory experimentation. There is a crucial hearing Thursday in Hendry County.
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Attorneys for the plaintiffs say they have no idea where these monkeys are coming from and local residents have concerns about everything from Ebola to escapes. The suit charges the facility was approved in violation of Florida’s Sunshine Law and without public hearing. The suit also claims that the county twisted the notion of agriculture in approving the facility. The county claims the suit is without merit and the company Primera says they are in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations. A Florida State Senator, Dwight Bullard, whose district covers Hendry County, has called for a public hearing to no avail.
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Do NOT to go to court! Instead, meet at 12 noon at the Hendry County Planning & Zoning Dept. at 640 South Main Street, LaBelle, Florida. 33935 to voice your concerns. Journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell, editor of JaneUnChained.com will be conducting on camera interviews at that location as part of an in-depth report on the controversial monkey breeding facility proposal and lawsuit.